Sunstinger – ‘Shimmer’ single release

Fife based alternative rockers Sunstinger have released their latest and first single of 2020 today. The new song delivers a passionately driven and hauntingly upbeat track that would work well in venues of a large or small capacity.

“Shimmer” leans into an energetic yet melancholy sound, displaying a great number of influences from bands like Jesus and Mary Chain to New Order, that combine to create a recognisable but distinct sound that deserves the attention of fans north and south of the border in the UK music scene.

The intro to the song blends Taylor Wright’s haunting voice with an atmospheric sound, reminiscent of post punk outfit Joy Division, which aid the vocals fantastically to give an honest and ardent cry to the sense of struggle.

With lyrics from the opening verse such as “Here goes nothing again, here goes everything” and “When all the walls are caving in on you” it is easy to see the sense of pessimism but played with a strong riff that carries the song with an air of positivity, superbly.

The song maintains an even pace whilst also slowly building to a resounding finish. I the final minutes of the song the track crescendos, with a rousing chorus of “rip your heart out again, here goes everything!” that fans will be able to sing along to in anthemic style.

Fans were hoping to get the chance to see the new track live on March 27th, one week from today, where Sunstinger were poised to launch the single at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus many bands and venues have been forced to postpone. The band are hoping a new date can be arranged and are toying with the idea of a live stream show online.

For today though, Sunstinger have made Shimmer available for everyone to download and stream now on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Deezer! So, give it a listen to remind ourselves of slightly less troubling times.

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