Sunstinger – ‘The Void’ single release

The first day of May kicked off with the release of the newest single by Fife based alternative rock band, Sunstinger. Titled fittingly The Void, the band have recorded yet another impressive and promising release that delivers an evocative lament.

The Void like previous releases such as Shimmer or She Stole My Sky lends itself to the more haunting aesthetics of rock. The Void uses an even and constant pace to powerful effect, creating a ghostly anthem with attitude.

The introduction to the song launches quick and without delay as the drums and guitars carry a striking start that disarms you before the first verse. When the music breaks down to introduce the lyrics it sets the tone for what is a melancholy but high energy track.

Lyrically and vocally The Void is a strong contender for one of the band’s most impressive ever releases. The lyrics explore the topics of grief and death with fantastic imagery. The chorus is the most chilling part which builds to a resounding finish of “The Void is calling my name”. It’s only too easy to see fans singing along to this.

The last verse, before a resounding echo of the chorus to finish, delivers some of the song’s most impressive writing and execution. Taylor Wright’s vocals make an arresting and effective vessel for the lines like:

“The demons danced to the devil’s song, even angels sang along, I couldn’t bear the thought of you alone” 

An exceptionally gothic sounding expression of grief that works fantastically with the bass and drums backing the singing.

At a time where venues are still shut down, fans can still catch The Void performed live this Saturday 2nd May. Via PJ Molloy’s pub Facebook page fans will be able to watch the live stream fundraiser for NHS Fife.

In a fantastic collective effort by the local Fife scene, the event is entitled ‘Stay At Home’ festival and features several local acts. Sunstinger are poised to perform at 5.30pm and will feature their newest single The Void. The single is also available to stream from Spotify, iTunes and Deezer.

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