Dunfermline’s Outwith Festival 2022

Saturday 10th September seen the Dunfermline Outwith Festival kick off their day of live music. The festival took place across a multitude of venues in the toon centre including Lourenzo’s, PJ Molloy’s, Monty’s, Dunfermline Fire Station Creative, the Brasshouse, Amorist, 1703’s Bier Helle and included over 30 acts taking part. ‘Something Something Reviews’ were gladlyContinue reading Dunfermline’s Outwith Festival 2022

Sex on TV – Bring the Damage

This year has seen the emergence of a new talent who released their third single of 2022 – Sex on TV. After forming in 2019, the band’s live shows were delayed (as everyone was) due to the pandemic but they have brought their A game into the year with the newest single ‘Bring the Damage’.Continue reading “Sex on TV – Bring the Damage”

Majesty Palms – Side Eye

2022 is more than halfway done, with the month of August bringing us the 3rd release of Majesty Palms – side eye. The Glasgow based duo are gearing up to make an impact on the Scottish music scene and this release wonderfully encapsulates the mood fans can expect to be bopping along to. The trackContinue reading “Majesty Palms – Side Eye”

Birrell or Biscuit – Anthemesque

Dunfermline based newcomer ‘Birrell or Biscuit’ released their single Anthemesque in October and a music video to match. Following up singles UFO Space Disco and Top of the Pops, Birrell or Biscuit have concocted a morose and yet melodic track that combines to great effect for an Alternative Indie hit. There is a wealth ofContinue reading “Birrell or Biscuit – Anthemesque”

Jupiter Strange – ‘I Do’ single release

Fife/Edinburgh based newcomers Jupiter Strange have launched their first ever single in late October with their debut track titled “I Do”. The song is a breakaway from acts one may be used to seeing around the Fife scene, as the band make great use of their ability to blend Psychedelic pop with Rock n’ Roll.Continue reading “Jupiter Strange – ‘I Do’ single release”

Foreignfox – ‘Fractions’ single release

With October at an end, Foreignfox have launched their latest single “Fractions” today, laying out a melancholy yet immersive sound, just in time for Halloween. The track is instantly recognisable with a steady synth and drum heavy introduction that really carves out the Foreignfox sound that makes them both anthemically upbeat and atmospheric. A greatContinue reading “Foreignfox – ‘Fractions’ single release”

Touch of Venice music video – The Moon Kids

Today marks the release of the music video for Dunfermline band The Moon Kids with their newest song Touch of Venice. Working with Tongue Twister films, The Moon Kids deliver a very vibrant and melodic single with attitude. The video begins interestingly in Black & White as the band members are shot outside flats inContinue reading “Touch of Venice music video – The Moon Kids”

Foreignfox – ‘EXIT//FRAME’ single release

Dunfermline based alt-rock outfit Foreignfox launched their first single of 2020 today, with their new track “EXIT//FRAME”. The song is a step up in the band’s ability, making great use of a steady intro that uses synth and a powerful drumbeat to set the pace. The track’s brilliance lies in the capacity of the bandContinue reading “Foreignfox – ‘EXIT//FRAME’ single release”