Foreignfox – ‘EXIT//FRAME’ single release

Dunfermline based alt-rock outfit Foreignfox launched their first single of 2020 today, with their new track “EXIT//FRAME”.

The song is a step up in the band’s ability, making great use of a steady intro that uses synth and a powerful drumbeat to set the pace.

The track’s brilliance lies in the capacity of the band to weave the lyrics/vocals around a composition of music that complement the content and tone of the song. Within this, the band impressively wields varying sounds, working with each other to conjure images of dancing nightlife, heartbreak and the pressures of modern life.

This is well displayed in the second verse, as vocalist Jonny Watt switches into a more passionate shout with the lyrics: “So pour me another 16 drinks, I’ve got big shoes to fill” as bassist David McCulloch’s heavy bass line matches the frantic tone fantastically.

Lyrically, the song seems to focus on the struggle to keep face and control in the wake of struggles with problems like; low self-esteem, the weight of expectation and turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

The chorus characterises this sense perfectly with the lines “Talk to me when I’m drunk again and I’ll do my best to pretend, that I can live with this.” However, it is in the last verse the song climaxes in anthemic angst with a thunder of “…all the lies that failure teaches, prop me up to lose my head” the latter being repeated in roaring fashion.

A very energetic release from Foreignfox with engaging lyrics and content which show their continued ability to grow.

This new track displays not only their ability to make an impressive sound with a wealth of varying influences and composition, but also their capacity to make a song that is catchy, high-energy, engaging and most importantly enjoyable to listen to.

“EXIT//FRAME” is available to steam and download now and you can check it out on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Deezer!

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