Jupiter Strange – ‘I Do’ single release

Fife/Edinburgh based newcomers Jupiter Strange have launched their first ever single in late October with their debut track titled “I Do”.

The song is a breakaway from acts one may be used to seeing around the Fife scene, as the band make great use of their ability to blend Psychedelic pop with Rock n’ Roll.

The song boasts an influence of the 60’s from the start with a slow build from the guitar, drums and keyboard that bursts into life as guitarist Alfie Ramage weaves a catchy riff to accompany the steady pace of drummer Lennon Donaldson and bassist Sean Sneddon.

Jupiter Strange carry a wide variety influence and unique styles which mix fantastically to bring an experimental component to the psychedelic four-piece. This is showcased vividly as Niamh Corkey’s vocals lend an impressive vocal range that shows a good ear for harmonising.

‘I Do’ is a feel-good single which utilises the pop element to create a colourful atmosphere characterised by a sense of optimism and youth. Though the band are all quite young, ranging between 19 and 21 years old, they display great maturity by complimenting lyrical content with a full sound.

In the second verse the lyrics paint vivid imagery with lines such as “I start to feel a little strange on the days I spend away from you” accompanying the dreamy sound which is Jupiter Strange. This is where the maturity in their song writing is really on display. Using the lyrical content to evoke a sense reflected in the music which won’t only impress fans but give them something they can have fun with and relate to.

Lyrically the song is about the feelings of discontent that arise from missing the person you fall in love with. However, Jupiter Strange take what is a relatable subject for many and dress it up in a highly energetic feel-good anthem that invites the listener to dance and sing their way along.

The track was featured on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘The Afternoon Show’ as a single of the week which illustrates the song’s capability to impress and delight even major media. In addition to this they even racked up more airtime with Janice Long opting to include them on BBC Radio Wales. 

Having been fortunate enough to see the band twice, this single is not to be missed and fans have another opportunity to catch the band on tour this month as Jupiter Strange play Glasgow’s SWG3 Poetry Club on November 19th.

‘I Do’ is available to stream and download now! You can check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Deezer!

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