Birrell or Biscuit – Anthemesque

Dunfermline based newcomer ‘Birrell or Biscuit’ released their single Anthemesque in October and a music video to match.

Following up singles UFO Space Disco and Top of the Pops, Birrell or Biscuit have concocted a morose and yet melodic track that combines to great effect for an Alternative Indie hit.

There is a wealth of passion and emotion in this song and singer Craig Birrell utilises drawling guitar riffs with almost off-kilter lyrics which will certainly strike a chord with listeners as it did with me.

Anthemesque isn’t a sad song but instead makes fantastic work of an atmospheric sense of being fed up. From the word go, Birrell chimes in with effectively spoken word questions:

“Do you feel happy? Do you feel better? Happy? Delighted…”

This first line sets the tone brilliantly as fans are invited to question themselves as the track reflects the mood – a trope which is continued throughout the song. In addition to that, Birrell switches up between deep questioning to almost sarcastic replies to the rhetorical questions.

The tone is mimicked superbly with vivid imagery. From the first verse which proclaims:

“My soul’s full of fuckin’ whisky and love”

To the second verse which continues this theme by once more questioning the listener:

“Do you taste my fuckin’ tears? Do you taste my fuckin’ soul?”

This draws effective images of a lost soul perhaps even trying to answer the deep life questions being offered by looking in the end of a whisky bottle. It gives the sense of one who understands their predicaments but sees medication through booze as the only answer available.

Laced between the verses is the chorus which rings out in style as Birrell declares:

“And this is your anthem… Your Anthemesque”

This works tremendously as it completely encapsulates the ambiance of the single. When one usually considers something an anthem or describes it as anthemic it creates an impression to me of something upbeat and galvanising.  So, to call the track Anthemesque and bill it as the focus of the chorus is interesting because that is exactly what it is. It is anthemic but lined with nihilistic emotion, in other words it’s anthemesque.

Fans will be able to sing along with this one and enjoy the talent behind the music. Far from limited to guitar and a steady pace throughout, the song is punctuated with great backing vocals harmonising along in choir style.

The music video is available on Whanga Records YouTube page and features a simplistic and highly effective accompaniment as Birrell can be seen addressing lyrics to the camera whilst displaying the song’s raw passion as he trashes TV’s, guitars and various equipment.

Fans will be to catch ‘Birrell or Biscuit’ in December as Whanga Records put on their Christmas Party at PJ Molloys on the 19th. The track was mixed and mastered by Kier Goodships with the songs vocal harmonies provided by his wife Stephanie Lavin.

I highly recommend checking out their single which is available on Spotify, Apple and Deezer now!

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