Dunfermline’s Outwith Festival 2022

Saturday 10th September seen the Dunfermline Outwith Festival kick off their day of live music. The festival took place across a multitude of venues in the toon centre including Lourenzo’s, PJ Molloy’s, Monty’s, Dunfermline Fire Station Creative, the Brasshouse, Amorist, 1703’s Bier Helle and included over 30 acts taking part.

‘Something Something Reviews’ were gladly in attendance and managed to catch a few of the bands. Since this is the first gig review as opposed to a straight up single review, we’ve broken it down to sections for each performance.

Foreignfox – the Brasshouse @ 6.45PM

Photo sourced from https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=517354247059726&set=a.465082298953588

The first band we caught were a band we’re familiar with and reviewed a few times before – the ever-amazing Foreignfox.

The Brasshouse set the stage with the normal upstairs floor being converted into a performance arena. What followed was a brilliant and energetic set from the band as they included many of their fan-favourites such as ‘EXIT//FRAME’ and ‘The Long Jump’.

The four-piece utilised the space before them superbly and gave their all to get the crowd moving. The set-list was topped off with the final two songs being two of my absolute favourites: Blinded by My End and Fractions.

The single ‘Blinded by My Ending’ is my favourite song by this band and seeing this performed at a packed out Brasshouse in the festival mood was spectacular to observe as a fan.

The final song ‘Fractions’ showed for me why this band are one of the most exciting prospects in Dunfermline. Arguably the best performance of this song I have ever seen. Nick Hernandez’s drumming punctuated over the top of a charismatic wall of sound. The harmony between the licks and the vocals of Johnny Watt was superb. To see the whole band commanding the stage with bravado as they sound out memorable riffs and lyrics like “You are my newfound craze, you are all the drugs we take.”

 A performance to remember and if you’ve never caught these guys live yet – get it done!

T-A – 1703 Bier Helle @ 7.30PM

I wasn’t actually too familiar with any material by T-A prior to catching them at the Bier Helle. As far as I was aware I had caught the band’s first and last gig last year. However, with Tamanfaya unfortunately being absent due to Laryngitis, the three-piece more than stepped up to take their place at Outwith.

They played a truly outstanding set, Rock and Roll with attitude ringing out across the entire floor. Sadly, I didn’t even catch the name of the tracks on their set-list (apologies guys!) but they did more than enough to ensure they’ll be high up on my list of bands to check out post-Outwith.

The sound made by the band doesn’t even reflect a trio. Instead, the sound was much fuller and atmospheric, you truly wouldn’t have realised you were in a smaller venue. Their third track began with so much attitude and a bass heavy riff that would have made the Damned proud.

I will be making sure I pay much more attention to T-A as their performance was incredibly good and had members of the audience eager to shake their hand and find their music online.

Sunstinger – the Brasshouse @ 8.30PM

photo sourced from Sunstinger instagram – https://www.instagram.com/p/CiVN5-8KkSV/

I’ve seen Sunstinger quite a few times now and tonight was no exception to their stage presence. I admit I was a little worried about the sound quality of the Brasshouse, but it became quickly apparent that this was of no concern and props to the sound team for doing a good job.

Sunstinger more than rose to the occasion. The darkly lit venue which has the feel of an old church proved the perfect backdrop for an atmospheric and haunting display.

From the start of their set, Sunstinger brought the venue to life. The second track ‘The Void’ was a standout moment. Lead singer Taylor Wright’s unique vocal quality fit the setting perfectly. The chorus of ‘the Void’ had the lyrics “The Void is calling my name” sounding out across the entire hall to great effect.

They alternated the line-up well to suit each song, with David McCulloch switching between keys and guitar. Sunstinger have a trademark to their tracks which helps place them in a category more to themselves. However, the dark tones and multitude of influence is clear to hear.

This was an even more impressive performance than their last outing at PJ Molloy’s this year to mark the release of their latest single ‘Only in the Morning’. They are also one of the hottest prospects in Dunfermline right now and I’m excited to see where they go next.

Well done guys it was a pleasure to catch Sunstinger again and you couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of guys if you catch them post-performance.

Jupiter Strange – 1703 Bier Helle @ 9.30PM

Photo sourced from gc guitar repairs Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/p/CiVyECYsLSW/

Where to even begin with this set-list. I’ve said a few times I’m excited to see where certain acts go but Jupiter Strange are proving to be one to watch out for.

I’d caught the band twice before, but this really was their most impressive live performance yet. Their second song was the very popular release (reviewed by us) – ‘I Do’.

The crowd responded great to Jupiter Strange as they made excellent work of entwining psychedelic keys and riffs with a melodic pop sound. Niamh Corkey’s vocals were outstanding! The talent on full show as the band got the crowd responding to their every move.

We mentioned during the last review of their single ‘Cool Factor’ that the band had received attention from the likes of Tim Burgess (the Charlatans) and even Sir Elton John for their cover of ‘Benny and the Jets’. Fans got a great chance to see their cover at Outwith.

Guitarist and vocalist Alfie Ramage has come a long way since the first time I caught Jupiter Strange. Progressing from a talented guy playing onstage to a real performer who got the crowd involved through patter and participation. It was a true standout moment for me seeing the crowd go wild for this cover and screaming the lyrics back at the band. It’s even worth mentioning that the riffs and solo was executed flawlessly.

The third track on their set is a wonderful song that slows the set down at precisely the right point. Another song I sadly didn’t catch the title to but what followed felt like an enchanting psychedelic dream accompanied by floaty sounding keys and 60’s guitar.

As I said this band have gone from strength to strength in a relatively short time. I would expect to see some more excitement before the year is done with the members confessing, they hope to have new music available soon.

‘Something Something Reviews’ will definitely be keeping our eyes and ears peeled.

Pulled Apart By Horses – the Brasshouse @ 11PM

I don’t have too much to say here. I was ecstatic when I learned Outwith had nabbed this band for a headliner. They did not disappoint!

Easily the most bouncing and energetic atmosphere for me of the night. Literally from the word go, the showed why they have made it in this industry. A triumphant performance where they owned the venue.

With classics like ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ and ‘I Punched a Lion in the Throat’, the alternative rockers from Leeds made sure to show fans a night of energy and rock attitude they won’t forget. Climbing on tables, the bar, being sick on the bar to lively head banging – lead singer Tom Hudson had it all.

The band are absolutely known for their daft sense of humour and powerful performances which make them one of the UK’s most thrilling rock prospects.

I was truly proud to finally catch them and at the Dunfermline Outwith Festival on my doorstep was just the icing on the cake.

It certainly says a lot about Outwith managing to attract some great acts to join in with the absolute talent that is here. I hope this move does as much to grow the local acts reputation as it does for the festivals.


For me the pick of the bunch was incredibly tough. There was Foreignfox who deserve all the praise for both their music and performances, they are truly one of Dunfermline’s standout bands! Then of course there was Jupiter Strange who in a short space of time have elevated themselves with unique, vibrant and powerful performances. They caught the eye of established musical talents like Tim Burgess and will continue to be a strong and promising talent.

However, the pick of the bunch for me at Outwith was T-A.

I didn’t have any form of expectation really, but they absolutely smashed it. Sean Sneddon’s bass playing, and combined vocals worked fantastically in conjunction with the amazing riffs supplied by guitarist Ben Curling.

The reaction to these guys was incredible. Not even originally scheduled to perform but Outwith festival and the crowds of the Bier Helle were in for an absolute treat as they executed a real punk rock attitude in combination with genuinely catchy hooks.

Well done guys! We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on you guys and fans can keep up with them too via their Facebook or better yet stream their 2020 EP on Spotify here.


Now that Outwith has come to a close for 2022 I’ll say from the start that I cannot wait to see where the Festival goes from here. A two year absence thanks to lockdown has been resolved with live music feeling like it is firmly back at last.

It was a brilliant time for anyone living or visiting Dunfermline to enjoy. It’s worth noting the hard work that went in to organising this. From the various workshops on offer, the interlinking venues, the local talents of Workspace Dunfermline and Eilidh Gover designing the pamphlets to support of Carnegie Trust and Fife Council. There was a true multitude of local people who put in hard work.

I caught up with Foreignfox lead singer Johnny Watt who helped to organise the festival and enlightened us on the problems they had to overcome.

With only 12 weeks to arrange they faced issues with venues pulling out, acts pulling out and all sorts. Yet, in the end they done a great job ensuring that the festival used a plethora of good venues and talented acts to create a true Dunfermline spectacle.

My main downside to the festival was not managing to catch everybody. Due to large crowds we were unable to give you guys a review of Dovv or Dancing on Tables. These are two fantastic acts that I was gutted to miss but it sounds like they both killed it. Additionally, there were large acts headlining like Fatherson but it wasn’t possible to get round everybody and I would have had to sacrifice local talents who deserve it a bit more.

On a personal note, I’ve attended a few Outwith festivals now and it did feel strange that Oskar Braves were not there to play as they lit up their stages in previous years to rapturous crowds. Maybe one day again but for now, Outwith was class, the bands were class, more Outwith’s please.

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