Sex on TV – Bring the Damage

This year has seen the emergence of a new talent who released their third single of 2022 – Sex on TV.

After forming in 2019, the band’s live shows were delayed (as everyone was) due to the pandemic but they have brought their A game into the year with the newest single ‘Bring the Damage’.

The track is an upbeat rock single with attitude. With lead singer Damien Parrish, the song deals with the sentiment of leaving someone behind who is no longer good for you. Despite the pain, the song encapsulates the feeling of rising above. In other words – bring the damage.

Lyrically, the message of being damaged by someone is on show with lines such as:

“She took the colour out of my rainbow”

This, being the first line, shows from the word go that feeling of someone so toxic to you they dull your life or “take the colour out your rainbow. It sets up the track brilliantly to give it some attitude as the more positive lyrics of determination make up the chorus – “Rising from the ashes of the damaged.”

The music itself is a good composition of various guitars doing their own bit to give the song a nice, layered feeling.

In the intro, one guitar played acoustic against the licks of the lead work nicely to make a complimentary riff. The long loud drawls of the bass, kicking in with the hook, sound over the top to create an interesting almost western effect. It’s a sound bands such as Black Rebel Motorcycle would be proud of!

Despite being newcomers as a band, the line-up features an impressive bunch who are no strangers to the local music scene. Guitarists Craig Reid, Craig Dyce and vocalist Damian Parrish have teamed up prior in the band Mugger’s Lane. In addition to this Reid and Parrish also have played with drummer Nick Hernandez prior in the band Joker’s Melody. The history the members have in the local scene plus the various bands that drummer Nick Hernandez is still a part of should give fans a clear indication of the talented locals they have making music.

‘Bring the Damage’ is a very promising release for Sex on TV and I’m excited to see where they go next! The band are currently working on a four track EP which they hope to release later on this year.

Fans can get a chance to see ‘Bring the Damage’ performed live as the band support the Rah’s at PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline on September 17th. You can buy tickets for the show at PJ Molloy’s here.

Fans can also stream the newest single on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

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