Birrell or Biscuit – ‘Dinnerladies’ music video

Dunfermline based newcomer ‘Birrell or Biscuit’ released their music video for the single ‘Dinnerladies’ on Friday.

On the back of their last single ‘Anthemesque’ which was previously reviewed by ‘Something Something’ in October last year, Birrell or Biscuit have composed yet another unique single which diverges from the last in a rather haunting display.

Singer Craig Birrell opens the track with the lyrics “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive” which is a fantastic example of how different this release is. The haunting effect in full force as the nursery rhyme lyrics mix with an atmospheric and poignant mood set by the guitar.

Being titled ‘Dinnerladies’, the track connotes a feeling of admiration for the unsung working-class heroes. This is most on display in the chorus of the song which rings out an evocative “Cause Dinnerladies need happiness too.”

This drives home the theme of observing another undercelebrated member of the community going about their daily life and recognising that whilst they may not be the celebrated stars we see on TV, they’re valued, essential and as the single suggests – they deserve happiness too.

The working-class appreciation theme is hammered home in this video not just by the lines of the song but in the video too which shows Craig Birrell and others spotting the lady sitting alone in the pub and they invite her over to join in with their games and have a laugh.

A personal highlight for me, is during this the pictures are matched up to Birrell repeating the line “Dinnerladies deserve more vodka than you”.

This is almost tongue and cheek but very effectively grounds the lyrics and video to the subject matter. Additionally, it spells out to me another one of the songs themes which seem to yearn for an appreciative community spirit.

Interestingly, the yearning for community and appreciation is really on show in the first few seconds of the video.

As the title appears on screen, Birrell can be heard effectively shouting “All you are is an out of tune fucking idiot!”. This is fascinating as this introspective self-anger is perhaps directly related to why the theme of the song is so important. As people more commonly turn anger and frustration inward, the need for meaning and belonging seemingly becomes more evident.

The content of the video if filmed largely in Dunfermline’s Old Inn pub. The setting feels very impactful and gives it the real community or local aesthetic. It’s quite reminiscent of a video from someone like the View in ‘Standard’, albeit minus some of the darker tones.

Dinnerladies instead rings in full force with a happy tempo that is reflected in Birrel’s singing which is more composed and confessional to fit the sound. There is an almost underwater feel to the track as ‘Birrell or Biscuit’ contrasts from their last release, replacing anger with a more pop enthused ode.

The track and video finishes on a very strong note as the video shows everyone involved together and happy playing ‘Operation’. The lyrics ring out “It’s just another bump that’s hanging more sadness for you” as the lead guitar starts back into a wonderful riff heard at the very start, bringing the video full circle and complete.

You can catch the video for Dinnerladies on the Youtube channel for Whanga Records.

The single is scheduled for a release on streaming platforms on February 26th.

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