Majesty Palms – Side Eye

2022 is more than halfway done, with the month of August bringing us the 3rd release of Majesty Palms – side eye.

The Glasgow based duo are gearing up to make an impact on the Scottish music scene and this release wonderfully encapsulates the mood fans can expect to be bopping along to.

The track begins in an almost low moody tone as it begins drum and bass heavy. This is wonderfully juxtaposed by the dreamy vocals of Olivia McCosh. The vocals work well to both contrast against the bass and blend in wonderfully with the wavy guitars of Cameron Robertson.

The pair work great together to produces a new wave sound that is sure to be popular amongst fans which plan to catch them at one of their shows planned for later in the year.

There is a wealth of influence clear in the track as the pair utilise the heavy bass line and wavy guitars with catchy synth hooks that inject a bit of funk and disco into the song.

I can certainly see the influence of other acts such as The Ninth Wave, the 1975 and Dua Lipa providing inspiration.

Thanks to the utilisation of synth and Cameron’s guitar, there is an almost 80s feel to the track. However, the production value is impressive and modern which gives it more of that New Wave feel. The track gives me the impression a fuzzy disco with a catchiness that suits the chorus superbly.

I found the lyrical content quite notable as McCosh makes great use of observational lyrics that fit the track neatly into the pensive but upbeat music that backs it up. It makes for a very atmospheric melody that both engages and entertains.

A very impressive release by the pair which has already been showcased as a part of the Summer Nights Festival in King Tuts where they supported SILVI. With the release of this third single and a catalogue of singles lined up for release in 2022, the Glasgow and wider music scene have a great addition to the talent on display.

If you love catchy, synth-heavy pop tunes that works as an ode to the 80s with a very modern influence then Majesty Palms are going to be a must have on your 2022 playlist!

Details of further release and gig announcements can be found on their Facebook page.

Their new single “Side Eye” is available on Spotify to stream and download now!

Please check out their new single and give their first two singles Peace of Mind and Split a listen while you’re there!

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