Jupiter Strange – Cool Factor

With Dunfermline’s ‘Outwith Festival’ just around the corner and a vast array of talents ready to perform, one act is sure to capture people’s attention – Jupiter Strange.

The Dunfermline/Edinburgh based four-piece had their first single ‘I Do’ covered by us and July this year brought the release of their hotly anticipated second single ‘Cool Factor’.

Much like their first release, the song is a breakaway from the acts you may be used to be seeing around Fife. However, this single distinguishes itself from the first in impressive fashion.

Jupiter Strange do a phenomenal job of blending 60’s Rock & Roll, Pop and even influences of Psychedelic rock. From the word go you are hooked in with bass guitar paving the way for the guitar and synth to bring an intro that the Doors would have been proud of.

Where the first single perhaps allowed for Niamh Corkey to showcase her impressive vocals, ‘Cool Factor’ gives slightly more of the centre stage to guitarist Alfie Ramage. His lyrics and voice work extremely well in this track and of course are still backed up by Niamh for a very pleasant effect.

I have respect for this band as they still attempt things that I don’t necessarily see a lot of other bands doing. Skip into 2:17 and the guitar solo breaks the song up nicely, showcases their finesse and sounds awesome!

Lyrically the song is about a privileged individual with chances in life taken for absolute granted. It addresses the resentment of seeing those who use this to give themselves that ‘cool factor’. In terms of lyrical content this track reminds me of ‘Rich Girl’ by Hall and Oates.

“You’ve got that cool factor.

You’re gonna be an actor,

And Daddy’s money’s gonna pay for every step of the way.”

Literally within the first verse, the above lyrics, exemplify the song and its content fantastically. A very relatable tune and that I believe others will take note of too.

The last time we covered Jupiter Strange, the fan engagement increased exponentially. This shows that these guys have a committed and engaging following. Honestly, it isn’t a surprise. They play with great energy and a varied set which leaves fans hanging on for more.

On the subject of being noticed, the band have been no stranger to compliments. Having already been showcased on BBC Radio Scotland, they have even caught the attention of the likes of Tim Burgess (the Charlatans) who put them in the line-up for Kendal Calling alongside some huge names like Stereophonics. Additionally, it seems even footage of their cover of ‘Benny and the Jets’ was shown to the song’s original writer – Sir Elton John – to great feedback.

Fans who may be wishing to catch Jupiter Strange will have a fantastic opportunity at the 2022 Dunfermline Outwith Festival. They will be playing at the venue 1703 where alongside acts such as Liz Lawrence and Tamanfaya, fans can head along and see a very impressive set by a talented bunch.

The singles ‘I Do’ and ‘Cool Factor’ are both available on Spotify and other streaming services now.

Fans can also check out Outwith Festival and purchase their tickets here.

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